Space Encounter Release 3 – PC/Mac


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Join the Space Encounter! Shoot your missiles and exterminate the alien scum! Win the Total War and become the Supreme Intergalactic Commander!



Pilot, are you ready to fight the alien oppression with Space Encounter?
During an immersive gaming experience, you’ll face many enemy fleets, coming from all the universe!
Choose your ship and your equipment and dash yourself into the battle! Shoot first and destroy everithing that’s moving.
Test yourself with the Total War fighting all the alien races one by one, or select  a single campaign to fight in a specific part of the universe, or  train facing single alien waves.
Start as simple pilot; fight; accumulate points and victory after victory you’ll climb the high intergalactic command’s  hierarchy, till you’ll become its supreme  leader!
Welcome to Space Encounter!

Game elements

During the game you pick up a ship to face all the space battles; most of them will be available only in the more complete modes “campaign” and “total war”.
You will have to learn trusting your co-pilot who’s going to advice you about the smartest move keeping your morale up. Dodge the enemy shots and be always ready to hit alien ships as soon as they will be noticed by your shooting system.
In combat you must avoid enemies’ shots and be always ready to hit them as soon as they’ll be in your shooting range.

Game instructions

On PC, in the starting menus to scroll the options press “TAB”, in order to select the mode, the battle, the ship or to confirm press “SPACE,”  to go back press “ESC”.
On the Mobile, to scroll the options touch the screen with one finger, to select the mode, the battle, the ship or to confirm, touch with two figers, to come back touch with five fingers.
Once the battle is started, in the PC version, move the ships with “LEFT ARROW” and “RIGHT ARROW”. In the iOS version the ship is commanded tilting the device RIGHT or LEFT.
You shoot pressing “SPACE”, in the PC version, or touching the screen with two fingers in the mobile one.
The shot will hit only if it will be fired once the enemy enters in the player’s aiming zone.  That is reported by a continuous “beep”.
Enemies’ shots will be noticed from the on-board radar that is going to emit discontinuous “beep” which will icrease their speed as the shot comes closer.
To dodge  enemy’s shots you’ll have to move in good time from the zone you are.
Pause the game by pressing “ESC”.


Produced by IV Productions
Developed by Bolopix
Designed and directed by Ivan Venturi
Dubbed by Jake Parr
Programmed by Simone Dosi
Music and sounds by Simone Dosi

What’s new in release 2

– Audio for the enemy ships completely new, much more variety

– Levels for campaigns and ‘total war’ mode now present increasing difficulty
– More time required for the weapon to cool down – longer than the time to overheat
– Added super-powerful enemy to the last level of the campaign
– Tweaked power/damage, frequency and projectile speed for the weaponry
– Tweaked speed, shield power and movement of the enemy ships
– One movement pattern added for the enemy ships (will tend to get closer if you don’t attack and enter their range)
– Many other minor improvements and fixing

What’s new in release 3

– When finishing a level, it was not loading the next one – FIXED
– Shields now completely recharge once a level is completed
– Hitting ESC when you died did not load the menu back (said ‘loading’ but didn’t it) – FIXED
– When playing ‘campaign’ and ‘total war’ modes, at the end of each level, when prompted to press ‘enter’ to start the next mission, it would not work – FIXED


Listen to the teaser

Listen to the test run

Supporters of the First Open Edition – Italian version

Stefano Enea Cabra (Gold Medal)

Guillaume Passicos (Gold Medal)

Fabio Radrizzani (Bronze Medal)

Caterina Benini (Bronze Medal)

Matteo Panariello (Bronze Medal)

Massimo Vettoretti (Bronze Medal)

Jérémy Dolignon (Bronze Medal)

And also Tommaso Nonis, Mariarosa Masoni, Fausto Toffano, Tiziano Ferraro, Luca Maianti, Vincenza Amoruso, Andrea Tofani, Sara Piccardo, Daniela Baldan, Fauso Scali, Antonio Cotugno, Marco Locci, Andrea Zaccarelli, Steven Cook, Lukas Kakara, James Jolley, Shaun Everiss, Sam Richardson, Miguel Martín Suesta, Justin Dixson, Simon Wilkes, Terry Moser, Aaron Danvers-Jukes, Cory Kadlik, Chad Fenton, David Standen ‘Appleman’

Thank you all for your support!



PC / Mac
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Mac Os X (10.5 or later) The audiogame is not compatible with MacOS Catalina.



Digital version

– Space Encounter
– all future game updates

Minimum requirements:

Operating system (PC version): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Operating system (Mac version): Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (The audiogame is not compatible with MacOS Catalina)
Video card: DirectX9/OpenGL-compatible
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 512 MB of available space

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