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May’s events of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day continue and we have a last surprise!

iMaster Art students Francesco Padula and Samuele Spinacci give to you their brand new audiogame.

2095: Beyond Human is now available!

Play as detective Axel Reeves in this narrative action-thriller audiogame with cyberpunk vibes, explore varied futuristic environments to collect clues about the case, face dangerous cyborgs and androids.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today, May 20, is the tenth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)!
The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access and inclusion, and the more than One Billion people with disabilities/impairments.

There are many events all around the world to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, you can find everything on the official site!

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Fury Driver 2: Original Sin out now

Fury Driver 2: Original Sin is finally available on!!!

Take once again the role of Vergil, the undercover cop, and infiltrate deeper into the criminal empire of  mr.Sin.

Check out the tweaks made to the combat system, new car races and finally the conclusion of Vergil’s mission.

Will you be able to go through with it?
Bite the bullet, be carefull and run as fast as you can!

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EASTER SALES — 50% off

Hop in our Easter sales and save 50% over ALL our games!

Grab the opportunity to complete your collection with our latest releases, but hurry up, the sales end this Friday.

Don’t forget to check out our page on the app store!

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Huell Hunter: Anti-Nome is Out Now!!!

Hell Hunter: Anti-nome is finally available on!!!

Hunt vampires and fight werewolves in this new audiogame from Audiogame Association.

Fight as Elyon, a dhampir and a vampire hunter in the modern Transylvania, and take part in in his horror adventure on the trail of Dracula, the Lord of Darkness…

But care bloodseeker, because It’s so easy to go from hunter to hunted.

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