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Eymerich : The Demon – DEMO

Dear brothers and sisters!
The inquisitor is back!

Download from here the free demo of the last chapter of the Inquisitor Audiogame’s saga “THE DEMON”!

Calcares is even more a place of perdition. The forces of the Evil are scheming against him, but our inquisitor is ready to fight them!
Immerse yourself in an adventure of epic proportions, with a new exploration gameplay. “Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure – Chapter 4 – The Demon” is the first full-fledged RPG experience in the world of the inquisitor.
You will have to fight the servants of the Evil not only with your faith and mind but also with the readiness of your sword. A brand-new combat system will test your nerves against various type of enemies.
The inquisitor is restless! Fight your way in an infinite dedalus of dungeons with the Endless Mode (in early access at launch!)
The inquisitor, Jacinto Corona and the other characters are voiced by new actors. Unfortunately the old ones were unavailable but we are sure that you will like the new cast.
New gameplay, new voices, new adventure, same inquisitor!
“The Demon” it’s the our biggest audiogame ever and probably the best one we ever produced!
Your support has prompted us to make a better sequel, we hope you will like it and to make new and more ambitious audiogames.

Prepare to face THE DEMON!