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Flarestar FREE and introducing Blind Quest, a new audiogame RPG!

Welcome Wayfarer!

Are you ready to become a hero?

We are happy to announce that we have released a teaser trailer for a brand-new audiogame, BLIND QUEST – The Enchanted Castle!

Blind Quest is a fantasy roleplay game where you will guide Nathan the mercenary in an epic adventure across the lands of Aetherna.

The Enchanted Castle of King Alen is invaded by ghosts. His daughter, Helen, is in search of a hero who can defeat this supernatural menace and only Nathan, a solitary mercenary, dares to help her.

Explore incredible locations such as the Desert of Sarteras and the Dungeons of Curigos!

Fight terrible foes like the Necromancer and the Crystal Dragon!

Save the reign of Reldia And princess Helen! Become a LEGEND!

Blind Quest – The Enchanted Castle will be available on February 6, 2020! To celebrate this new audiogame, Flarestar (PC version only) is free on, check it out!






– Audiogame Association