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New audiogame: Audio Moto Championship available for PC and Mac!

Hello everybody,

We are very happy to announce our new audiogame: "Audio Moto Champioship".

We can’t wait for you to accept the challenge, riding super-fast bikes!

The game is available for PC and Mac as "First Open Edition", with different purchasing options, starting at 19,90€.

You can support our activity by selecting one of the three Medals available – Bronze, Silver or Gold. We are a small, private company, no subsidies, and we need you and your purchases to be able to continue produce more and better audiogames. The First Open Edition will be available for only a couple of weeks, then we will close it and as usual release an updated version and lower the price to 14,90€. We hope you will be with us and go for the First Open Edition right away. But we will understand if you decided to wait.

Buy Audio Moto Championship – First Open Edition – €19,90:

Buy Audio Moto Championship – First Open Edition – Bronze Medal – €49,90:

Includes: one custom byke for an existing team.

Buy Audio Moto Championship – First Open Edition – Silver Medal – €99,90:

Includes: one custom team plus one custom byke for each class (total of 3 custom bykes).

Buy Audio Moto Championship – First Open Edition – Gold Medal – €249,90:


· one custom team

· one custom byke for each class (total of 3 custom bykes)

· one custom track named after you

· special mention in the ‘Credits’ section of the game as Associate Producer


Are you ready to race on super fast motorbikes?
Do a wheelie and whizz on tracks all over the world, surpass your opponents and bring your team on the highest step of the podium!

Game description

Are you ready to dominate the Moto World Championship with Audio Moto Championship?!

Face your opponents with super fast motorbikes. Conquer the categories 125, 250 and 500 cc of the Moto World Championship and bring your team to victory.

Undertake the numerous tournaments of Audio Moto Championship, where you will prove yourself with different and always more difficult tracks.

Audio Moto Championship increases the difficulty of the game by adding the weather, which can totally change the driving experience, passing from your stable motorbike to a ‘crazy horse’.

Begin like a simple novice, gain fame and become the champion of Audio Moto Championship!

Last but not least…

Click to access the dedicate page on, with the teaser and the test run: