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Eymerich: The Demon

About the game


The Inquisitor is back.

Nicolas Eymerich is among us again for the last battle!

The plague… the cursed village… the dark plan of the Evil One revealed in the final chapter of the Inquisitor saga!

An exciting game mechanics in 8 different scenarios: haunted woods, caves invaded by monstrous creatures, crypts full of secrets, to the Final Clash with the Evil One.

An innovative audio-navigational system to explore maps in the most remote corners.
From the village of Calcares to the dungeons of the Abbey.

Combat mechanics in which you will control both Eymerich and Jacinto Corona.

You will use the strength, the spirit, and the power of the Faith.
Dialogues in which to discover precious clues or the demonstration of the Lie of the Heresy.
Enigmas to solve with the ingenuity of divine intuition.

This audiogame accessible for the blind, enriched by hand-drawn graphics and playable also in video mode.

The game includes both Italian and English. If the game starts in Italian change the language to English.
In the main menu select the voice “OPZIONI” and then select “LINGUA” and then “INGLESE”.
Now your game should be in English.

The audiogame is available for PC and Mac.

Games purchased are not refundable unless in case of documented technical issues by the customer.


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A Magister Enea Cabra production
Based on the real historical character Nicolas Eymerich, born in Gerona (Catalunia) in 1320 and died in the same city in 1399.
Fictional feats by Magister Valerio Evangelisti.
Story by Ivan Venturi and Marco De Vivo
Game Design by Luca Contato and Ivan Venturi
Programming and technical production by Rising Pixel, Luca Contato
Graphics by Ivan Venturi
Level design by Marco De Vivo and Ivan Venturi
Musiche by Marco Busetta
Audio by Michele Postpischl
Dialogues and plot logic implementation by Marco De Vivo
Additional production by Rising Pixel
Additional programming by Laura Del Pino Dìaz, Giovanni Bodega, Riccardo Amico and Simone Dosi
Additional voices: Enea Cabra and Ivan Venturi
Testing by Rising Pixel, Enea Cabra, Kyle Morena, Davide Cantoni, Tiziano Ferraro
Trailer by Ludovico Tornabene
Executive production by Mirko Venturi
Produced by Enea Cabra
Directed by Ivan Venturi and Luca Contato

An audiogame by IV Productions and Rising Pixel

System requirements

Windows 8, 10
compatible DirectX9/OpenGL
Hard Disk:
1024 MB available space
Mac OS X 10.12 or above
compatible DirectX9/OpenGL
Hard Disk:
1024 MB available space
Game information

  • Release date 08/05/2022
  • Languages Audio Text