Audio Moto Championship – WINDOWS ONLY




Are you ready to dominate the Moto World Championship with Audio Moto Championship?!
Face your opponents with super fast motorbikes.
Conquer the categories 125, 250 and 500 cc of the Moto World Championship and bring your team to victory.
Undertake the numerous tournaments of Audio Moto Championship, where you will prove yourself with different and always more difficult tracks.
Audio Moto Championship increases the difficulty of the game by adding the weather, which can totally change the driving experience, passing from your stable motorbike to a ‘crazy horse’.
Begin like a simple novice, gain fame and become the champion of Audio Moto Championship!

Games purchased are not refundable unless in case of documented technical issues by the customer.

Windows only

Game elements

Choose a motorbike and race on many tracks to gain fame and become a champion. The races will be available in ‘CAREER’ mode and, if you’ll succeed, they will be unlocked in ‘SINGLE RACE’ mode. Another available mode is ‘TOURNAMENT’, which is made by groups of tracks that share the same theme. You will have to face strong opponents, so be always ready to overtake them and victory will be yours!

Game instructions

In the main menu press ‘TAB’ to scroll the options, press ‘SPACE’ to select a voice from the menu and press ‘ESC’ to come back.
At the beginning of the race, before the traffic light becomes green, there’s a mini-game where you will have to press repeatedly the ‘UP’ button to warm up the engine, but you need precision. If you’ll begin too early, the engine will flood and you’ll start with disadvantage.
Once you begin the race, use ‘RIGHT’ and ‘LEFT’ buttons to turn and ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons to speed up and slow down.
The motorbike has sensors that will tell you when you’re getting near to the track boards. Pay attention! Do not get out of the track or you’ll get behind!


Produced by Associazione Audiogames
Designed and directed by “Bolopix di Simone Dosi”
Programmed by Fabio Scita
Dubbed by Matthew Curtis
Musics and sound effects by Michele Postpischl


Listen to the teaser

Listen to the test run


– Audio Moto Championship – First Open Edition
– all future game updates

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Video card: DirectX9/OpenGL-compatible
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 512 MB of available space