Audio Rally Racing – WINDOWS ONLY




AUDIO RALLY RACING is an audiogame about car rally racing, in which you can experience the thrill of speed and reckless driving on country roads and city streets.
It is available as full version 3, and as a free demo, for PC!

Games purchased are not refundable unless in case of documented technical issues by the customer.

Windows only

Game elements

First you choose a car, then you can start competing in the various races and circuits available. Most of the items are available beginning in ‘SINGLE PATH – SINGLE CIRCUIT’ mode. Many others can only be played in TOURNAMENT mode, completing the circuits and winning them.
The navigator is an important element of the game: he (or she) will give us the necessary instructions to be able to drive at full speed, pointing out the curves and other obstacles on the way.
Each route consists in straight roads, in variable lenghts, and curves, also variable in their difficulty.
In the final version of the game you will find also ups and downs, more or less steep, muddy roads and other types of obstacles.

NEW: Championship Mode

You start from the first track in the first country, then you need to finish them all, one country after the other, accumulating points. If you complete the full set within one gameplay, you will unlock two further tracks. If you finish them all, you will become World Champion!

NEW: Support to joysticks and steering wheels

Important note: we haven’t tested them all as you can imagine, but the most popular ones should work; please test the device with the game before purchasing if you are going to get a new one; keep in mind we cannot guarantee to provide support to each and every model.



Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


English / Italian

Digital version

– Audio Rally Racing
– updates

Minimal system requirements:

Operating System : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Graphics: DirectX9/OpenGL compatible
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 512 MB