Flarestar – WINDOWS ONLY




Space, starship Icarus on return course from Teta 1 Orionis system…
From first officer Galileo’s log:
“… we left warp speed due to the sudden appearance of star debris on our course… ”
Alone in space, on a colonial fleet starship, you will be thrown into an exciting adventure full of plot twists.
As the first officer Galileo you will ward off your crew and yourself from a deadly threat and unravel the mystery concealed behind it.
Move inside the starship Icarus, engage with simulations on the holodeck, take over the ship’s command, explore the vastness of space and be ready to fight for your own life… relying solely on your hearing.
During the five play hours or more, the player will have to explore three main huge different settings and solve several game levels, relying solely on hearing, among starships, maintenance pods, misteries, and exciting combats
FLARESTAR, developed by Sylphe labs and published by TiconBlu – deployed on PC.

Games purchased are not refundable unless in case of documented technical issues by the customer.

Windows only

Game instructions

You can play FLARESTAR mostly just by the directional keys to move one step at a time in the chosen direction. The character movement always occurs in the chosen direction and at the same distance, just like he moves on a chessboard.
So you will need to count your footsteps and listen to the different sounds they make on the ground. Pay attention to the sound variations and whenever you should hit a wall… maybe you’re facing the wrong direction!
Use the enter key to interact with game objects, pick up and use them, and to confirm any previously chosen action.
Since it is possible to pick up objects and store them, you can access an inventory. In order to do so, you just have to press the Tab key.
Each time you press the tab key you’ll go through the list to the next object. The last selected one will stay active and available for use, just by pressing the Enter key whenever needed.
Throughout the game, the protagonist will equip a combat suit, capable of some additional functions.
The suit has a motion tracker. You’ll hear a beeper coming from the movement source direction: the faster the sound, the closer the target. Should the target stand behind you the sound will be deeper.
The suit is also armed with a standard blaster. Press the shift key + direction key to shoot a single shot in the chosen direction.
Moreover, the suit is equipped with a computer that can be accessed by the spacebar to get useful pieces of information on the game area and character position.


Listen to Flarestar – Teaser


Filippo M. Vela – game coding, sound effects, original soundtrack, game design, script
Luca Alba – game logic, level design, level editing, sound effects, game design, script
Paolo Gallo – level design, sound effects, game design, script
Giuseppe Di Girolamo – cover art
Ivan Venturi – consultation
Stefano Enea Cabra – game testing
Published by TICONBLU

some of the sound effects in this game were downloaded from freesfx.co.uk


Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


English / Italian

Digital version

– Flarestar
– updates

Minimal system requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Graphics: DirectX9/OpenGL compatible
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 512 MB

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