Inquisitor Audiogame Adventure – Chapter 1 – The Plague PC/MAC


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The Inquisitor is called back to Carcassone by the head of the Inquisition, a problem has arisen. But not everything is said. Demons, heretics and the Plague contaminate the place he is sent to.



Chapter 1: The Plague

Will of steel, heart of stone, intelligence as sharp as a knife and wisdom deep as oblivion.
Eymerich is called to investigate an obscure case, beyond heresy, that reveals a new face of Evil. He must tackle many arduous tasks. He must make many painful choices. He must take on terrible creatures. But his burning determination will overcome the Plague and his worst nightmares.

– Dubbing and texts in english, latin and italian
– Original character and story (really a bad guy…)
– Rich 3D audio environments (best in home theatre 5.1)
– From 6 to 8 hours of gameplay
– Optional text driven input (issue commands with keyboard, for retrogame fans)
– Easter-egg-based secret mechanism for high longevity… try to make full 100/100 score!
– Beautiful and well-acted dialogues
– More than 21.000 words dubbed for every language!

How do I start to play in AUDIOGAME mode on PC or Mac?

To start playing in Audiogame mode, press the Q button in the START MENU (a voice will let you know when it is possible to press Q and start the Audiogame).

How does the AUDIOGAME mode work on PC and Mac?

Generally in this mode, we use the TAB keys to select one of the available actions and ENTER or SPACE to confirm. A bell will ring to confirm the action.
To start a new game, for example, having started the game in Audiogame mode press TAB once to hear the first option, “START A NEW GAME”, and then press ENTER. Here below is a list of keys used during the game.
-TAB to select
-ENTER or SPACE to confirm the selection
-BACKSPACE or ESC to cancel
-CTRL to describe the current scene
-SHIFT to call for divine help
-1 To open the inventory
-2 To open the map (if active)
-3 To open Eymerich’s narrative notes
-4 To listen to the objectives
-0 To listen to the context guide again (inventory, map or scene)

Special sounds during the game

During the game you may hear special sounds, which notify of particular events. Here is a list of them:
-A distant bell sound means that the last action selected has been confirmed.
-A louder and high-pitched bell sound , means that a dialogue has ended.
-The sound of a drum , indicates that the selected object has at least two interaction options (e.g. watch and speak).


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Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
Mac Os X (10.5 or newer) The audiogame is not compatible with MacOS Catalina.



Minimum requirements:

Operating system (PC version): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Operating system (Mac version): Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (The audiogame is not compatible with MacOS Catalina)
Scheda video: compatibile DirectX9/OpenGL, 512MB video memory
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 1GB of free disk space

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