The mysterious homicide of Eva Lumenis sets the scene for She Noire, leading us to the Trinitatis police station, where our investigations begin.
We will soon discover how our leading lady, Sophia, is not just any old policewoman: she is also a thief and a killer but above all a woman hunting a past that was stolen from her.
With over 5 hours of gameplay, you will explore 40 settings, divided into 7 chapters, packed with rich dialogues that will slowly but surely reveal the complex story behind this game.
You can also play in “skill” mode, where the settings are generated with different hidden objects every time, and you must work against the clock to find all the hidden objects.
Developed for PC She Noire is produced by Nebula and IV Productions.

Games purchased are not refundable unless in case of documented technical issues by the customer.

Windows only


She Noire can be played on PC exploring the settings using the arrow keys.
Players have to explore the setting, guided by sounds, to find a list of hidden objects while avoiding any useless ones.
Then they must work out which ones are needed to solve the puzzle and proceed with the story.
With Mobile devices, the settings are explored by touch, hunting for the hidden objects centimeter by centimeter.
Tap once on the screen (SPACE or ENTER on PC) to generate a sound that will tell you how many useful objects are nearby.
Tap on the screen with two fingers (or SHIFT on PC) to repeat the list of objects you still have to find.
Tap with two fingers for at least one second (or CONTROL on PC) will make the character describe the place they are in.
Press ESC to open the menu and quit the game.


She Noire – Teaser

She Noire – description

She Noire – instructions

She Noire – podcast


Marco Agricola – Concept, Game Design, and Coding
Max Di Fraia – Original Soundtrack, Mixing, Audio Editing for Sound Effects and Dubbing
Ivan Venturi – Concept and Game Design Consultant
Davide Cantoni, William Lomas – testing
English Dubbing by DiscToDisc
English Dubbing Director: Angiolina Gobbi
Developed by NEBULA

Published by IV Productions


PC / Mac
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8,10)



Digital version

– She Noire
– updates

Minimal system requirements:

Operating System (PC version): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Graphics: DirectX9/OpenGL compatible
CPU: 2Ghz
Hard Disk: 512 MB

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