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A Western Drama : NOW on XBox

December has arrived and we can finally celebrate!

A Western Drama is NOW AVAILABLE on XBox One and also compatible with the latest arrivals, XBox Series X | S !!
You can find it on Microsoft Store. Click Here.

TriBit Studio, in collaboration with IV Productions and More Games Studio, brought one of the first audio games to XBox, creating the first cross-platform title of its kind…
To celebrate the conquest of consoles and to thank the constant support of our community, you can find this gourgeous audiogame at a discount on ALL platforms: XBox, Computer (here on, and Mobile.

Give yourself an early Christmas present: put on your best headphones and jump in the Far West.
You’ll find a lot of people on the naughty list, but to help Santa you won’t deliver coal, just bullets.

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Audiogame Association on… X-BOX

Audiogame Association is proud to announce his first game on console…

“A Western Drama” will be on X-BOX One!

We’re trying to bring accessible games on all platforms and thanks to the work of TriBit Studio, in collaboration with IV Productions and More Games Studio, “A Western Drama” becomes more and more a multi-platform title, after PC and Mac, Android and iOs audiogames land on X-BOX, becoming one of the first accessible games on console.

Relive the adventures of Wade in this addicting arcade game with a typical spaghetti western atmosphere, exploring a world in 360 ° thanks to binaural audio.

1st December, Save the Date.

Let’s conquer the West and X-BOX, together!

See you in hell, bounty hunters.

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A Western Drama Mobile is OUT NOW

A Western Drama is available on smartphone!

Play wherever you want.

On iOs

On Android

Ver 1.0.3  is available for update
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the community, who have been patient and have provided constant and precise feedback: Audiogame Association is not a large international publisher and since we work and invest with several independent developers, we must pay close attention to the budget and timeline.
It often happens that errors escape us for various reason: we work remotely and not all in the same office; because of the budget we test games internally and it’s not optimal, we bypass some mechanics because we know the game to well, mechanics that you instead identify immediately, becoming our first real testers!
We understand that it can become frustrating to play a game that usually is not perfect when is released, and we’re are truly sorry for that, but the passion pushes us to continue this work and, with some missteps, to make pearls loved by the community or, even better, managing to transform an audiogame with different problems in a better and better experience thanks to your precious feedback.
Because Audiogame Associations are you and we together.
So many thanks to you all for your efforts e patience!

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A talk with TriBit Studio about A Western Drama

TriBit Studio is a production team focused on accessible games. The three members of TriBit studio are Damiano Coppola, programmer and game designer, Marianna Murgia, composer, sound designer and game designer, and Andrea D’Angelo, scriptwriter and game writer. Here, they’ll talk about their work and their audiogame, A Western Drama, which has been released on Steam in the past few days!

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