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Hell Hunter – Anti Nomen Update & News

Stay tune bloodseeker, the fight against Dracula will arrive soon… on mobile!

New update changelog:

  • Added ccessibility options for partial hearing problems;
  1. Added inventory option to raise or decrease BGMs in battle at 100% -> 70% -> 40% -> 10% volume
  2. Added inventory option to  activate / deactivate an extra alarm sound some attacks;
  • Generic SFX fixes;
  • Minor UI fixes;
  • Minur input fixes;
  • Added SFX when enemies drop item and / or level you up;
  • Few design changes on caves of the Abyss to make easier the exploration;
  • Adjusting to enemies;
  • More minor bugfix;

If you have already bought the game, you can download it clicking the following link and no usercode will be requested:

Download for PC

Download for Mac

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Space Wave Race New Update Available.

Patch note:

– Added warning to use headphones at the beggining of the game.
– Added setup options to speedup the voiceover.
– Added descriptions of all the modes and spaceships.
– Updated option menu to read the current status of the selected option.
– Added “Contact” menu option in order to send a email.
– Trimmed silences in the voice clips.
– Added a retry option at the end of a race.
– Minor bugfixes.

If you have already bought the game, you can download it clicking the following link and no usercode will be requested:

Download for PC

Download for Mac

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A Western Drama Mobile is OUT NOW

A Western Drama is available on smartphone!

Play wherever you want.

On iOs

On Android

Ver 1.0.3  is available for update
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the community, who have been patient and have provided constant and precise feedback: Audiogame Association is not a large international publisher and since we work and invest with several independent developers, we must pay close attention to the budget and timeline.
It often happens that errors escape us for various reason: we work remotely and not all in the same office; because of the budget we test games internally and it’s not optimal, we bypass some mechanics because we know the game to well, mechanics that you instead identify immediately, becoming our first real testers!
We understand that it can become frustrating to play a game that usually is not perfect when is released, and we’re are truly sorry for that, but the passion pushes us to continue this work and, with some missteps, to make pearls loved by the community or, even better, managing to transform an audiogame with different problems in a better and better experience thanks to your precious feedback.
Because Audiogame Associations are you and we together.
So many thanks to you all for your efforts e patience!

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Fury Driver: Moonwalks Mobile Realease | Mobile Sale

Try to survive and run as fast as you can on mobile!
… & a ton of sale on our mobile page store to celebrate with you!!

Today Vergil investigate on smartphone: Mr. Sin has all the city’s crime in his hands and nobody knows who is behind the mask he always wears.
Infiltrate the crime of Moon City, take part in the dangerous, clandestine races of the city and go as far as the boss goes.
And if they force you to do things that go against what you believe in… how will you manage to remain a real hero?

Click below to get
Play Fury Driver: Moonwalks on iOs
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