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Fury Driver: Moonwalks Mobile Realease | Mobile Sale

Try to survive and run as fast as you can on mobile!
… & a ton of sale on our mobile page store to celebrate with you!!

Today Vergil investigate on smartphone: Mr. Sin has all the city’s crime in his hands and nobody knows who is behind the mask he always wears.
Infiltrate the crime of Moon City, take part in the dangerous, clandestine races of the city and go as far as the boss goes.
And if they force you to do things that go against what you believe in… how will you manage to remain a real hero?

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Fury Driver 2: Original Sin out now

Fury Driver 2: Original Sin is finally available on!!!

Take once again the role of Vergil, the undercover cop, and infiltrate deeper into the criminal empire of  mr.Sin.

Check out the tweaks made to the combat system, new car races and finally the conclusion of Vergil’s mission.

Will you be able to go through with it?
Bite the bullet, be carefull and run as fast as you can!

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